What is a FIBR Partner?


FIBR works with project partners to link financial services. FIBR project partners are tech partners (akin to aggregators), financial and non-financial that provide services to small businesses (touchpoints), like schools, shops, employers and other that are the points of services for low-income customers (end users). The partner's software on smartphones allows for the digitization of the business relationships between the small business and the individual, who may be a customer, employee or supplier. The project partners provide services such as connectivity, collection and storage, analysis and purpose & usage for low income users. They might be an IT company, or larger corporation with a large base of low income suppliers, employees or acquirers of transactions. Through the partner's software or app, the captured data allows for new ways for financial institutions to link, that is, to offer, fund or underwrite new services to low-income customers.

What does it takes to be a FIBR project partner? 

There are two things you can do to see if your organization is a fit for FIBR and what the FIBR engagement entails:

  1. Complete the partner qualification self-assessment to see if you meet the requirements
  2. Read over the partner agreement to understand the commitment and work involved