The Value of PAYGo to Financial Services and Financial Inclusion

FIBR Research

FIBR worked with PEGAfrica to develop an agent sales app to improve how they can target, manage and intervene in serving their PAYGo customers.
FIBR, a program of BFA and Mastercard Foundation, is working with Off-Grid Electric's (OGE) operations teams to execute pilots and sales experiments to field-test optimized product offerings, incentives, and interventions. In extending financial services to low-income customers, our engagement with OGE is focused on developing the foundational data analytics modules to improve customer segmentation and payment behavior, predicting and reducing churn, and understanding customer lifetime value.

Questions We're Seeking to Answer about PAYGo

  1. Data-Driven Financial Operations: How can data be used to drive more efficient customer selection and segmentation, post-sale interventions, and to offer better customized services?

  2. Customer Payment Frictions: How can the model be adapted to markets with less mobile money, and how can customer payment frictions be reduced?

  3. Agent Network Management: What’s the right agent compensation model and how can data be used to improve agent engagement?

  4. Unlocking Local Capital: How can the sector’s growth be financed, and what’s the role of local capital?

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