Inclusive digital ecosystems of the future

digital ecosystems

In this second FIBR white paper, we consider the likely effects of an important new phenomenon that may accelerate the ‘pull’ factor of digital ecosystems—the rise of superplatforms. At the time of the launch of FIBR, the potential force of this phenomenon was not yet fully in view but the growth of superplatforms in China since even 2015 confirms that they are a factor to be taken seriously by a project like FIBR and by funders like Mastercard Foundation, which seek to promote innovative and client-centric solutions that work for low-income people. This paper describes and explores the phenomenon from different angles in order to explore potential implications for Africa and the environment in which FIBR and its partners will operate over the coming years. Download the report .

This infographic, a companion to the White Paper, visually walks users through the phenomenon explored by the paper - "the rise of the superplatforms." This infographic explores different dimensions of the phenomenon, including implications for stakeholders and clients in Africa over the next years through 2030.